• How do I send a parcel?

    Its simple once your parcel is packed and ready to be shipped, weigh the package and measure its dimensions. Head over to our quickship feature and enter the details of the package along with the collection and delivery address. You will receive various options for the shipment and once you select what service you prefer we enquire about the pick up time and redirect you to the payment gateway. That's it !

  • How do I track my parcel?

    Simple just key in the parcel tracking number and we will show you the latest whereabouts about the package, However, each courier will provide tracking in their own way. Within your dashboard you will find a list of your most recent shipments.

  • Will you collect my parcel?

    Yes, our partners will come and collect the parcels at the time specified by you.

  • Can I arrange for a parcel to be collected from someone else?

    Absolutely, make sure you know what time they will be available. The labels need to be kept ready along with the packaged item. Again you're responsible for the submitting the correct dimensions. This entails adding accurate height, length, width into the price generator. If the details submitted are wrong you could be charged for the difference.

  • Where do I take my parcels to have them delivered?

    No where, just let us know when the package will be ready with the documents and label and we will be at your doorstep at the time specified by you.

  • Do you offer the Fedex 24 hour service?

    Yes, we do.

  • What type of next day delivery services do you offer?

    Once the shipment is picked up at the time specified by you we will ensure that the package is delivered the very next day. We are working on getting the collection time also

  • Can I book a guaranteed next day courier service?

    Yes you most definitely can, via fedex we guarantee that if your package is booked for priority overnight, the shipment will reach the destinations the next day.

  • Do you have special rates for document delivery?

    We are soon coming up with a special rate for document delivery and will notify you as soon it is up. Dont forget to sign up for updates.

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